a simple, repeatable, and powerful practice to get clear guidance from your inner self. And, it's free!

"Hi Siva, Thank you for the wise practice, which you spoke of several years ago when we first met. It's a wisdom I can easily be reminded of every day. Perfect!"

Unni De Presno

"Love this exercise. Thank you Siva"

Patille Violeta

"Hi, Siva! I'm in the middle of my cancer treatment & started to feel better. I have hope for the future so this exercise was just what I needed to get focused on what I want for that. Thank you, so much! Namaste <3"

Ananda Lee

"That exercise is definetly of value! My three words were acomplishment, exhilaration and Love. Thanks! "

Jeff Taylor

This is perfect for you if...

You're too busy

Getting caught up in the fast pace of life is happening to the best of us.

Taking the time to regularly check in to how you want to feel and where you are heading is one of the best ways to balance. 

You're logical

We pride ourselves on making solid logic-based decisions, but this disconnects us from our emotional guidance system.

This practice allows you to connect with both mind and heart for balanced decisions.

You don't feel clear

With the avalanche of options in front of us on a daily basis, it's easy to get swept up and overwhelmed. 

Doing this practice regularly will help you stay clear on your path to feeling how you want to feel in life. 

Take 5 minutes for you.

Stop looking outside of yourself for clarity.  Instead, try plugging in. We all need support. However, you, and ONLY you, can identify what you are really craving in life NOW. Use this worksheet to get connected with your inner GPS, and get clear on your direction, road blocks, and supports. 


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